Music : Rude Mechanicals: Dancing for the Spring Goddess Live. Wednesday 27th March 19:30

Rude Mechanicals and friends will be performing their bizarre combinations of rude folkpunk, and distorted blues with sophistication and panache, under the strict guidance of Miss Roberts.

‘The Rude Mechanicals often get compared to The Birthday Party/Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, The Tigerlilies, early Roxy and Syd Barrett. Their style has been called  Post-Punk, Swamp Blues, Dark Cabaret with the word psychedelic often thrown in. We particularly liked a recent suggestion – Psycho Cabaret. Creating a sound that Tom Robinson describes as “wild, wicked weirdness… a little bit Flying Lizards, a little bit Native Hipsters and a great deal like nothing you’ve heard before…’ (Tom Robinson BBC6 Music).

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